Modern Marketers don’t guess.

Leading retailers use the most accurate customer insights to grow revenue.

The Right Answers.

We answer the toughest
business questions for the most
discerning companies.


Get Accurate Insights.

Simply the most accurate.
Combine big data technology with a breakthrough modeling approach. 
Get precise — measure buying behavior at the individual customer level.

It starts with multi-channel Revenue Attribution.
  • Precisely understand how each marketing action impacts buying behavior

  • Know the incremental impact of each marketing touchpoint on revenue

  • Identify the most profitable channels for every customer and the most profitable customers for every channel

Download our Revenue Attribution Methodology Whitepaper
  • Turbo-charge traditional response models with incremental marketing impacts

  • Target individual customers with the right marketing at the right time

  • Drive more revenue and better marketing ROI

Use buying behavior for smarter Targeting.
Optimize using a holistic view.
  • Understand the conversion impact of brand, customer loyalty, and seasonality

  • Determine the optimal amount to spend on each channel and campaign for the best return

  • Gain the insights needed to optimize marketing

Companies that care about getting the right answers come to us.

We’ve grown by solving the tough problems that keep
our customers coming back. You don’t want just a
pile of numbers. You want the insight, the "so what"
so you know what to do next.

What problem are you trying to solve? We can help.

Mohan Namboodiri

This is a qualitative improvement in our ability to target  the right type of customer with the right type of messaging, and it's not something that we've had available up to now. – Mohan Namboodiri, VP Customer Analytics,
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

DataSong are the most intuitive data scientists you could ever imagine. They never provide just analytics: it's always the marriage of analytics with insights.  With their partnership, we've launched new to world scoring, targeting and segmentation programs. – Lesa Musatto, SVP Marketing,

Lesa Musatto
Jeff Rosenfeld

Using our attribution models to also target was a great proof point for us that this methodology and product really work. – Jeff Rosenfeld, VP Customer Insight and Analytics,
Neiman Marcus

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